Put a Ring on it

After almost 13 years of blogging on blogspot and later wordpress, I've decided to install a Blog on my website. Continuing where I ended my last blogpost

Put a ring on it - 10th December 2017 to 10th January 2018

On my way to Los Angeles, I had a deja-vu at the Z gates of Frankfurt Airport. I felt like in a time loop, knowing I must have been there before on my many flights. I had that call to take a photo as a reminder how I sometimes feel (metaphorically speaking) to end up at the same place in life again.

After my first visit in October, I was back in LA and the next morning we did the paperwork at Beverly Hills courthouse, to get married (asap!).

I brought her a 70s Canon SLR from Vienna and after we signed the papers, we went to Samy's to get some film. Vanessa taking her first photo with her new camera.

Catching the first sunset. I'm introducing her to the word of analog photography.

To this day, I remember the magic of this moment of our reunion.

Back at home, there were two new baby creatures.

I don't know how that happened but buying groceries became one of our favorite things to do, because we  just fooled around, watching and meeting people, getting inspired to cook and dine. I've never taken more photos inside markets than with her.

..and at the beach, hanging out at Venice Ale House like so often back in these days.

Loading the film like back in the day.

Two kinds of storages.

Taking the car in LA to most places, I haven't done much street. This one, I took from the passenger seat.

Vanessa took me on a two day trip with a special surprise. On the way she introduced me to two friends.

We've spent the night in a tiny Airbnb.

One last breakfast before the surprise. Vanessa was getting excited.

The last kiss - before jumping out of an airplane.

After our amazing free fall experience, it was my turn to drive all the way back to Los Angeles (quite gnarly for those who know me better). Back in Venice, we went for a pizza when I receive a message from my flat mate in Vienna, who sent me photos of her room: Almost burned down completely. Coming up with some conspiracy theories and allegations how that happened in her absence, it wouldn't let me sleep for days...

After jumping out of an airplane and seeing photos of my devastated apartment in Vienna, Vanessa and I decided to enjoy some ice-cream to seal the day.

Our neighbor, who always seems so determined when pushing his trolley wherever he goes.

Laundry duties.

Meanwhile, the kittens do kitten stuff.

Preparing a tea, for a little magic.

After a beautiful journey together.

Back at the Coop. A place that became our second home.

Only having eyes for my wife, I haven't used my cameras for much street during these days. Then this awkward seagull situation made take a shot though.

One day on a walk with my Mamiya C330.

Chris and Jamie made it to the Ale House where we finally met again after five years.

On a nice day, there is always a line.

Documenting a father and daughter relationship.

Beach circumstances.

I love to make my wife look like a dealer.

Vanessa practicing the art of juxtaposition on me.

Sometimes a roll of color finds its way into my hexar.

R.I.P Jesus sweater.

Even the storage becomes a fun place.

Developing the first black and white rolls at home. The idea of lovexposures was born.

Life in LA continued.

Another walk with the Mamiya.

Because it was getting serious, I was wearing my one and only butterfly Toms. Almost unreal, the day had come. We exchanged rings and got married at LAX courthouse.

And there we got married and left the courthouse again!

The rings.

Brenna took our photos on that precious day. Thank you!

Saying bye to the kittens!

We left for a short trip to Joshua Tree, to work on a project, which turned out like a little magical honey moon.

On the way, we met up with her father and brothers. Meeting family for the first time.

As a small gift, I brought a handmade color print of Vanessa from our first time at the beach together.

In Joshua Tree.

Vanessa was dancing with her silk fans, while I was filming her. To this day I haven't used the video footage yet, although it turned out so beautiful. Just looking at these photos we took in between reminds me of our true potential as a couple.

She also wanted to take photos of the director.

We had to leave the desert again. I wanted to take a photo of both of us but missed the self-timer. To me that made a more interesting photo anyway.

Once we left Joshua Tree, the weather changed into a dark and gloomy storm. Setting the atmosphere for our farewell.

The last day together.

We got married, yet I still had a life in Vienna. Back to long-distance again.

It was a harsh contrast, from "just married!" and a magical time in LA and Joshua Tree, to going back to a cold and dark winter in Vienna and my apartment where I didn't know the real damage yet..

Back in my apartment, my father was just doing some last touch ups, after cleaning and painting for three weeks while I was in LA. Making my welcome easier than expected, yet there was still a lot of work ahead.

Documenting the documenting. A really delicious welcome dinner, a little solace to ease the circumstances for a moment.


14.07.2019 | Shadi Enbashi

once upon a time, I was a big fan of your dA persona and work, years later (today!) while cleaning up an old disk I bump'd into some notes from your as a feedback on one of my photos that you even reedited ( and I wondered how have you been and going through your blog post had such a nostalgic feeling, like from a past life. Congrats on getting married and LA life - do get in touch if you ever find yourself in Dubai.

10.07.2019 | Kamil

I’ve seen all of your photographs! Amazing work, great eye! I love your black & white pictures. Is that all by Hexar AF? Best regards Kamil

10.07.2019 | Kamil

I’ve seen all of your photographs! Amazing work, great eye! I love your black & white pictures. Is that all by Hexar AF? Best regards Kamil

22.06.2019 | Lainer

Love the new format on this page. Still, love your other blog too. Congrats on getting married. Glad your new wife is into film cameras as well. Sorry about your apartment. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures/moments. I look forward to them. Chris Weeks turned me on to your work many years ago. I only know him through Facebook as we have a mutual love of dogs. I have an old French Bulldog I've photographed daily for over 9 years. Keep up doing what you're doing. You are the absolute best street photographer in the world today to me, an absolute fan of your tremendous work. I don't have any good blogs, but my Flickr page has a lot of stuff, if you are interested. Cheers!

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