unisono films trailer

All footage produced by by Ayni and Severin Koller

Music by Jameson Nathan Jones, Voice by Zohar

'portrait of a space'

For The Treasury, I filmed and directed a portrait of their design space.

+ a social media trailer

Recruiting Campaign and Social Media content for Vienna based IT-company craftworks.


In my work with musicians, I combine direction on set with a precise edit, to create the most seamless translation of sound to image

- no matter the story or genre.

'Silence is my Canvas No 1'

Directed and produced for CHROME with Performance by AYNI

'I wear my heart on the outside' - Live Recording music video directed and produced for Shake Stew 
Directed for AYNI


Directed and Produced for Mario Rom's Interzone.

Near - A Question of Balance, 5:04MIN

A live recording session where you could hear every cracking noise. I was operating the camera intuitively to the music, becoming a part of their composition, creating all effects live, with the lens only, instead of relying on post-production.