Near - A Question of Balance, 5:04MIN

One of five live recording videos.

Pet goats - Teleprompter Tears, 5:58Min

Lyric rock music video, directed shot and edited.

SK Invitational - more bang for your bucks, 3:33min

Street performance hip hop video, shot and edited.

lylit - Free, 4:53

Live recording session, directed and edited.

Mario Rom's Interzone - Truth is Simple to Consume, 8:53min

Episodic jazz video series, directed, shot and edited.

Namby Pamby Boy - cables,1:17min

One of several teasers, produced as promotion for album release.

Namby Pamby Boy - Lunchbreak Optimism, 5:57min

(Halloween special) Jazz performance video, directed, shot and edited.

Namby Pamby Boy - milchbrot, 3:11MIN

A segment from the Namby Pamby Boy visuals.

Scattah Brain - Imperfect Magnificence, 3:41min

Directed, shot and edited during production of the album.

Scattah Brain - not digital, 4:07min

Visuals produced for live concerts.

The Who The What The Yeah - neuseelanD, 4:29MIN

Directed, shot and edited.