Escaping (Vienna) Winter

photos from my last winter in vienna and my escape. (2018) / a life(time) ago.

Once a very nice appartment when I moved in, it has seen a lot of devastation since. Most of the times I was away, in Guatemala, Mexico or Los Angeles. A great lack of attention and respect led to many causes of destruction over time as well as a fire, all happening in my absence. As life directed me away from Vienna, I could not bring up the energy to reconstruct this apartment myself - yet my roomate who was actually supposed to do it, left the place in chaos for months.

coming back from Los Angeles, I've only spent a night or two in Vienna and then witnessed the creation of an Album "Hypocitical Mass" by Fabian Rucker 5 in the heart of Budapest.

It was a truly intense recording session.

After shooting for days, all video on several cameras, I've found a single moment to take a band photo. Right before they had their first gig, when all they wanted is to finally perform on stage - I took this photo.

Then back to Vienna's winter.

It was a short, strange moment and time of separation.

Getting picked up by Vanessa and Boogie at LAX. She was actually hiding for a while, watching me, before she came to greet me.

First reunion dinner with this babe.

There is no parental advisory for Victoria's Secret.

The expressions of Boogie.

A few studies of the human condition in Santa Monica, 2018.

The besties on the beach.

2008 I took the photo of the bodybuilders, 2014 I published the magazine, 2018 I took a photo of my wife viewing it for the first time, 2019 I publish a blog with that photo.

Observing people at the observatory.

At a gas station in Los Feliz.

Vanessa licking the diamond.

People and their missions.

I might have deserved this one.

Life on 3rd Street.

Catching up with the family.

There is no real end to a blog. It's not meant to end. It's not a stroy, it's the documentary of the never ending flow of life.

To be continued.


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