Photographs and moving images are visual captures of the elements that culminated in a specific moment. These documents of time trap a piece of reality inside, yet I do not regard them as the absolute truth.

Knowing that taking photos of the present is just an illusion, I recognize the process as preserving a piece of time for the future. I use the camera as a tool to create a cosmos of images, to help understanding and interpreting life in retrospective.



1986 - Born / living until 2018 in Vienna

since 2005 - Working as a photographer and in the darkroom

2005 to 2008 - Studying at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

since 2006 - publishing my personal photoblog

2007 -  Mandatory Service

since 2008 - Traveling and working internationally

since 2009 - Producing commercials and music videos

2014 - Publishing VIENNA

2018 - Moving to Los Angeles